2017 Infiniti QX30

Having a taste of luxury has never been more accessible to prospective SUV buyers. With many luxury companies understanding the high demand for compact SUVs, it’s forced them to create models that appeal to more budget types. Now, it isn’t uncommon to find some luxury SUVs in the low $30,000s.

One of these models is the 2017 Infiniti QX30.

A trademark of any Infiniti vehicle is its style and the captivation found from its QX30 model is no different in this regard. From the side, the high angles, tapered lines, and elongated nose give the SUV a roadster vibe. At the same time, it’s in these angled lines you find elegance. The SUV achieves precision thanks to the symmetrical flow of the body. The wavy body lines provide dimension while the tapered rear exudes power. It’s one of the most stylish models in its segment, and this is saying something too considering it shares the same class with models like the Jaguar F-Pace.

Infiniti equipped the QX30 with some remarkable features. These features can simplify and in some ways, elevate your drives. Here is a closer look at some of the SUV’s many highlights.

Intelligent Park Assist

This is a new feature from Infiniti. It comes with 12 sensors to measure available parking spots. If the sensors determine the spot is large enough for the SUV, then you activate the park assist feature. How this works is you move the gear lever, press a button to confirm using park assist, then use the SUV’s gas and brake pedals as the assist equipment takes over, parking your vehicle in reverse or parallel parking space.

A tip, if you haven’t used this feature before you should have some practice. Find an area where traffic is light such as a school parking lot after hours then use it to practice the feature. Over time, as you gain more experience with it, you’ll feel how it handles. This can give you more confidence when attempting to do this during more stressful times such as parking in the city when traffic is fierce.

Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection

Speaking of parking, it can be challenging to move out of a space. With limited visual range, you might not be able to detect objects or vehicles that are in your SUV’s blind spot. To account for this, Infiniti equipped its QX30 with the Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection feature.

The beauty in its effectiveness rest in its simplicity. Infiniti placed four cameras around the SUV to provide a 360-degree view for you. This means as you back out of a spot, you can use the in-dash camera to see what is around you, making parking much less stressful. In the event the system discovers objects moving in your display image, it alerts you audibly.

Infiniti InTouch

Infiniti designed this system to make your drives functional and simpler. How it works is you can connect your compatible smartphone to the Infiniti InTouch system to access your calls, music, texts, email and more. If you are a busy professional on the go, think of this system as your digital assistant, as it can keep you informed while working remotely. Most important, because you can use the system and voice commands to access these features, your eyes won’t have to alternate between the dash display and the road. This keeps your eyes where they are supposed to be focused,

A fun option you can add to this system is the Infiniti InTouch navigation system. With this, you receive either overhead or 3-D mapping views of your journey. An added bonus is the Lane Guidance addition which will tell you which lane you need to be in for exits and interchanges. And as you can imagine, if you are driving through an area with traffic congestion with multiple lanes, this feature takes the stress out of guessing.

Bose Audio System

It wouldn’t be a luxury SUV without premium features. One of the best is the optional 10-speaker Bose audio system. You can access this system with your smartphone thanks to two USB ports. As is indicative of many of Bose audio systems, you receive rich clarity and studio quality sound. When you need a break from the bump and grind of traffic purgatory, this system can be your oasis during commutes.

Infiniti QX30 Performance Stats

The standard offering for the QX30 is the 2.0-liter, turbocharged I4 engine. This engine is able to deliver a good punch of power with its 208-horsepower output at 5,500 RPM while maintaining excellent fuel economy, especially on the highway where the SUV earns up to 33 miles per gallon.

There are several reasons why the QX30 is able to achieve good efficiency. One, the construction of its engine. The engine features an aluminum block. This reduces the weight of the engine relative to other models, resulting in the SUV having to exert less energy during operation. Two, the pairing of the lightweight engine with the seven-speed double clutch automatic transmission means you receive responsive drives but without sacrificing in fuel costs. Lastly, the engine features some of the most innovative technology available such as the Idle Start/Stop feature. This helps your SUV conserve fuel when it is sitting in an idle position by stopping engine operation. Upon you placing your foot on the gas pedal, it starts the engine again.

The biggest detriment from the performance end comes with its handling capabilities. The QX30 doesn’t have the Intelligent all-wheel-drive feature available on its base model. This can be problematic if your plan is to take your SUV off-roading or over rough road terrains.

Our Impressions

The 2017 Infiniti QX30 tickles the eyes with its captivating design. While it isn’t the most powerful in its class, it does deliver enough juice to power exhilarating drives while keeping fuel costs low. Speaking of costs, if you don’t require an all-wheel drive model, then the low starting price of $29,950 makes it a smart choice to consider.


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