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This time we’re leaving the cheesy puns behind because here at, we've scoured the market to unearth the ultimate contenders for the cheapest and most economically savvy hybrid SUVs gracing American roads in 2024. It's not just about saving a buck at the pump; it's about embracing a lifestyle of eco-conscious, wallet-friendly cruising that's as...

In the sprawling land of the Stars and Stripes, where the highways stretch like ribbons and the gas stations are as plentiful as fast-food joints, finding an SUV that won't leave your bank account looking like a flat tire can feel like a never-ending quest. But fret not, my fellow Americans, for I've sifted through the...

Toyota has made it official! While it discontinued its Land Cruiser SUV here in the United States a couple years ago, it has already decided to bring it back.   “With 65 years of heritage, you can choose to slow down or reinvent yourself. We chose the latter. Stay tuned for more updates,” wrote Toyota in a July...

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2 Minute Review Videos
Infiniti QX60 - 2 Minute Review

This is the range-topping 2024 Infiniti QX60 Autograph grade and so it features a Black Obsidian roof with black roof rails. The QX60 is actually the first Infiniti model to feature this available two-tone styling. A muscular sculpted front bumper and striking powerful proportions make it stand out.   And inside, you have three rows of seating with room for up to...

2 Minute Review Videos
Hummer EV - 2 Minute Review

This all-electric SUV is a beast — weighing around 9,000 pounds and this is the sold out Edition 1, which makes up to a whopping 830 horsepower!    I love the expressive seven-bar grille that animates as you approach, depart, and it indicates charging status. The prominent, upright windshield and its low-profile roofline create an iconic silhouette. H-illuminated...

2 Minute Review Videos
Ford Bronco Raptor - 2 Minute Review

This is the most powerful street-legal Bronco model that Ford has ever made and so that sets it apart from the standard Bronco. And also, take a look at its massive 37” all-terrain tires on 17” alloy wheels. This Bronco Raptor has a ground clearance of 13.1” and it has strategically placed steel bash plates to...

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Acura RDX

The RDX combines convenience, luxury, and practicality with excellent value for your dollar.

Good SUV Review Ranking 78 out of 100
SUV Pricing
New: $35,670 -$43,820
Used: $31,190 -$39,089
Lease From: $471/mo*
Performance Stats
MPG 19-22city / 27-28hwy
Horsepower 272-279 hp
Doors Seats 5

Audi SQ8

The SQ8 delivers exceptional S model performance thanks to its powerful 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

Better SUV Review Ranking 89 out of 100
SUV Pricing
New: $80,190-$98,010
Used: $55,936-$68,366
Lease From: $829/mo*
Performance Stats
MPG 18city / 26hwy
Horsepower 591 hp
Doors Seats 5

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford says this all-electric SUV is born of the same American ideals that inspired its original Mustang.

Better SUV Review Ranking 88 out of 100
SUV Pricing
New: $38,606-$47,185
Used: $30,736-$37,566
Lease From: $455/mo*
Performance Stats
MPG 108city / 95hwy
Horsepower 346 hp
Doors Seats 5

Nissan Rogue

The Rogue is a well-rounded compact SUV that offers exceptional cargo capacity and comfort for its class.

Good SUV Review Ranking 80 out of 100
SUV Pricing
New: $25,170 -$32,510
Used: $20,713 -$27,980
Lease From: $322/mo*
Performance Stats
MPG 25-33city / 32-35hwy
Horsepower 170-181 hp
Doors Seats 7

Ford Bronco Sport

The all-new Ford Bronco Sport (baby Bronco) is smaller than the two-door and first-ever four-door Bronco.
Better SUV Review Ranking 90 out of 100
SUV Pricing
New: $26,820 -$38,215
Used: $17,950 -$32,151
Lease From: $334/mo*
Performance Stats
MPG 18-25city / 26-28hwy
Horsepower 181-290 hp
Doors Seats 5

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