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We all know Arnold Schwarzenegger loves his SUVs and trucks! Some argue the actor is a large part of the reason why the SUV segment has become so popular. He’s a huge fan of anything that’s big and mean looking and that fits his Terminator persona. He also has a love for military style vehicles and those that resemble a tank. In fact, Schwarzenegger once used a tank to help raise money for charity by...

  Another monstrous creation from Zero to 60 Designs in Southern California is making headlines! It’s a rugged SUV built off the popular Ford F-350 Lariat truck platform. It has plenty of space to fit six adults comfortably, thanks to the the roofline being raised five inches to give it more of that SUV feel. It’s a unique and special vehicle, with features that deserve to be bragged about!   Zero to 60 Designs put its new Nighthawk...

Move out of the way X5, there’s a bigger sibling in town! The 2019 BMW X7 was just unveiled and it’s BMW’s largest crossover ever! It offers standard three row seating, plenty of cargo space, a flashy look, and an elegant interior bound to put smiles on the faces of any family! Not to mention, BMW considers this new X7 the pinnacle of its X Sport Activity Vehicle lineup. So, you know it has to...

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Toyota RAV4

Tried and true reliability and best-in-class standard safety technology make this SUV a top seller year after year.

New: $24,410 -$36,150
Used: $22,002 -$31,215
Lease From: $353/mo*
Fast Stats
22-23city / 28-30hwy
176 hp
Seats 5

Honda CR-V

This SUV is the most well-rounded in the compact class, providing excellent handling, comfort, and cargo capacity.

New: $24,045 -$33,695
Used: $23,657 -$32,794
Lease From: $380/mo*
Fast Stats
25-28city / 31-34hwy
184-190 hp
Seats 5

Jeep Patriot

A budget friendly SUV that doesn’t provide a lot of value per dollar with low reliability and fuel economy ratings.

New: $18,040 -$26,985
Used: $13,931 -$20,478
Lease From: $225/mo*
Fast Stats
20-23city / 25-30hwy
158-172 hp
Seats 5

Jeep Renegade

The most affordable off-road capable SUV, this Jeep offers an excellent interior and value for its class.

New: $17,995 -$28,390
Used: $15,160 -$22,995
Lease From: $259/mo*
Fast Stats
21-24city / 29-31hwy
160-180 hp
Seats 5

Kia Niro

This hybrid SUV is both practical and affordable while offering modern technology and responsive handling.

New: $22,890 -$29,650
Fast Stats
46-52city / 40-49hwy
139 hp
Seats 5

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