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There are a number of ultra-luxurious SUVs already on the market, but none currently from Aston Martin or Ferrari. But, that’s all changing! These two brands are working on their first SUVs as they look to get a piece of the SUV market pie. They both are well-known brands that celebrities and high rollers alike love. So, while they may be a bit late to the SUV game, we’re sure people will be lining up...

Many people wish they had a large luxury SUV. They’re flashy, stylish, powerful, capable, and offer plenty of room for you and all your family or friends.   When people think about a large SUV, though, they tend to automatically think about the added cost at the pump. However, companies are continuing to deliver vehicles offering better fuel economy. They’re constantly changing the architecture of these vehicles, the materials are often swapped out, and there’s more of...

Football season is here and that means it’s time to grab your friends, load the trunk, and head on out to your favorite team’s stadium for a fun-filled day complete with tailgating! But, if you’ve ever been to an NFL game without having the tools needed to pregame properly, you probably know it’s not as fun! For example, you couldn’t use a compact car’s trunk to sit in or even store much. And sometimes, even...

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Acura MDX

Luxury and advanced technology meet practicality in this mid-size 3 row SUV.

New: $44,050 -$58,500
Used: $40,281 -$53,237
Lease From: $630/mo*
Fast Stats
18-20city / 26-27hwy
290 hp
Seats 7

Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

This budget Benz offers agile handling and plenty of pep, though it’s not as refined as some competitors.

New: $32,850 -$49,900
Used: $29,057 -$30,778
Lease From: $399/mo*
Fast Stats
22-24city / 28-33hwy
208-375 hp
Seats 5

Toyota Sequoia

This V8-equipped SUV offers ample room for up to eight, a comfortable interior, and class-leading reliability.

New: $45,560 -$65,315
Used: $40,461 -$57,556
Lease From: $662/mo*
Fast Stats
13city / 17hwy
381 hp
Seats 8

Lexus RX 450h

A much better hybrid than the NX version, this SUV offers plenty of power, a luxurious interior, and reliability.

New: $53,035 -$56,495
Fast Stats
31city / 28hwy
308 hp
Seats 5

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe

Same SUV as GLE but with a sloping roofline that gives this Benz a coupe-like appearance.

New: $110,650 -$69,650
Fast Stats
14-17city / 18-23hwy
362-577 hp
Seats 5

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