Jeep Creates World's First Showroom Accessible Only By 4x4

Published October 15, 2016 by Elizabeth Jeneault

Now, this is awesome! While Jeep has been celebrating its 75th birthday in different ways all year long, it recently took celebrations to the next level. Jeep opened the world's first pop-up showroom accessible only by a 4x4 vehicle. How cool is that? Unfortunately, it was only open for three days. That means Jeep lovers who got to visit the dealership really lucked out. We're sure Jeep fanatics all over the world would have loved to take their SUVs to the special showroom.

The pop-up showroom was actually towed to Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire, England by a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Jeep posted a video which shows the showroom being towed online. It's an impressive video to say the least. It features dramatic music and shows the showroom being towed over rugged terrain. The showroom represents Jeep's brand as it also looks rugged. It's black in color with Jeep's name on the side. The all-black dealership measures about 30 feet in length and weighs just under 8,000 pounds.

Once the dealership arrived to Robin Hood's Bay, Jeep says it took only about have a day to install. The set up, however, was quite impressive! While small, the showroom stood proudly on the edge of the famous cliffs overlooking the North Sea. The black Jeep flags waved in the wind. It was the perfect way for Jeep to put its off-road heritage on display.

"Jeep has a long and illustrious off-road history," said Damien Dally, head of the Jeep brand in the UK. "In our 75th year, a landmark moment, it seems fitting that we’ve demonstrated that our vehicles really do go anywhere and can do anything by creating the world’s first pop-up dealership which you can only get to in a 4x4."

The unique initiative caught the attention of many in the area. People that were hiking by were surprised to find the showroom and after they did, were invited inside to learn more about the Jeep brand and its extensive history. The showroom wasn’t about doing business, it was all about educating people about the brand and giving some lucky 4x4 owners the chance to connect with Jeep on a more personal level.

Of course, some of Jeep's 75th anniversary range was on display including limited edition versions of the Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Renegade and Wrangler. 

Each 75th celebratory model stands out with a "75th Anniversary" exterior badge. They have low gloss bronze wheels and bronze and orange exterior accents. They also come in special colors. The Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited, for example, are available in the color Sarge Green. The newest member of the Jeep family is also in on the fun. The Jeep Renegade comes in a color some would call perfect for off-roading. It comes in Jungle Green. Other vehicles are available in Recon Green.

Other Celebrations

The pop-up showroom isn’t the only way people celebrated Jeep’s 75th birthday this year. In mid-August, 40,000 Jeep lovers from across the U.S. and Canada descended on Toledo, Ohio to celebrate the major milestone. The event impressed many. Attendees said they hope the event continues in the future. It included a parade through downtown Toledo. Organizers of the event said every model year was represented. Toledo, of course, is proud of its connection with Jeep. It has been the headquarters of the brand since its inception. Two streets near the original Willys-Overland Motor Company plant are named Willys Parkway and Jeep Parkway. There was even a professional basketball team named after the brand at one point. The Toledo Jeeps played in the National Basketball League from 1946 to 1948. 

Jeep’s Beginning

Jeep's life truly began on July 15, 1941. That's when Willys-Overland was awarded a contract with the U.S. government to build the Willys MB. The military vehicle helped the Allies win World War II. It could be fitted with .30 or .50 caliber machine guns for combat. The vehicles were used for long range desert patrol, as field ambulances, tractors and would even run on railroad tracks. The U.S. Army Chief of Staff during WWII, General George C. Marshall, described it as "America's greatest contribution to modern warfare." While the Willys MB was not the first ever 4x4, it certainly had an impact on the ones built after it.

“My Jeep Story”

Americans continue to love and embrace the Jeep brand. That’s why as part of Jeep’s continued anniversary celebrations, the company is encouraging its fans to share their memories of time spent in Jeeps online. It’s all part of a campaign called “My Jeep Story.”

Trisha Glezen is just one Jeep owner who decided to post her story online. Because she lives in a rural area of New York State, she taught herself how to conquer off-roading. “I now am a huge advocate for Jeeps, teaching women off-roading techniques and empowering others to really use their Jeeps for what they are made for” writes Glezen. “Yes, mine is still my daily driver, but it is also what brings me my peace, my joy, and my memories. I hunt, fish, kayak, work on my own rig, and most know me for my Jeep.”

The stories are pretty interesting to read. Celebrities have even joined in on the fun. NBA player Paul George shared his very own Jeep story.

For some of us, it may just be the only way we get to take part in the 75th anniversary bash. Jeep lovers who were bummed they missed out on the celebration in Toledo are even going to be more disappointed they missed out on seeing the exclusive, pop-up showroom. With several more months left in the year, however, it’s quite possible more Jeep celebrations will be held. America has plenty of rugged terrain to explore, so we can only hope Jeep would also want to bring its unique showroom to a location in the United States. It'd definitely be a hit!

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