2017 BMW X5

One of the main things that stand out when examining the 2017 BMW X5 is its captivating profile. Part roadster, part SUV, the X5 achieves a commanding presence few SUVs have. Then, when you factor in its performance, interior space, and other features, you can see why the 2017 BMW X5 is among the best luxury SUVs you can buy.

Exterior Style

Touching back on its exterior styling, one of the biggest attention grabbers is its muscular body lines, giving the SUV depth in dimension. Complementing touches such as the elegant front grille, angled tail lights, and aerodynamic roofline help define the X5’s unique profile.

Interior Style

The high level of craftsmanship extends to the X5’s interior, where you can find touches of luxury such as the Fineline Oak trim on the instrument panel and center console. The leather-trimmed seating–available in Ivory White or Black Nappa leather– delivers both in comfort and visual appeal. Lastly, the chrome gearshift and rotary dial exude the luxury befitting the X5.

Interior Versatility

The X5 comes with up to three rows of seating. Speaking of seating, the rear seats feature three inches of forward and backward movement, allowing passengers to stretch out on trips. If you select a model with third-row seating you can feel confident your passengers will ride in comfort as they have their own climate control.

Of course, storage is the main concern for most SUV buyers. BMW accounted for this in its design of the X5. A great example of this pertains to the X5’s rear seats, as you can fold them down to increase the cabin’s cargo space from 35.8 cubic feet to 76.7 cubic feet. Along with this, BMW equipped the X5 with storage solutions such as cargo netting, fastening points, and more to secure your cargo during transport.

Technological Features

Many manufacturers are transforming their SUVs into WiFi hotspots, giving you the ability to connect your devices anyplace you go. BMW is no different in this regard, as you can upgrade to receive its available WiFi hotspot capability. Where the X5 differs is it comes with the Wireless Charging Pocket. This allows you to keep your devices fully charged when on trips.

The X5 also features BMW’s ConnectedDrive package. Included in this is the Surround View, which, along with using your rearview mirror and over the shoulder glances, helps you achieve a better view behind your SUV. You can view these images on the SUV’s 10.2-inch iDrive touchscreen whenever you back out of a tight spot.

Performance Capabilities

The X5 comes with BMW’s intelligent all-wheel-drive system. If you live in an area with variable climate conditions, the perfect pairing with this system is the 19-inch all-season run-flat tires. Combined, these two features help you receive the best traction and handling in inclement environments.


To crank out the exhilarating power you crave, BMW equipped the X5 with its inline-six cylinder 3.0-liter engine. Helping it deliver brisk acceleration, this engine comes with innovative technologies such as High Precision direct fuel injection, Valvetronic variable intake, and Double Vanos, combining these with the twin-scroll turbocharger to achieve maximum output. Due to this, the engine generates 300-horsepower at 5800 rpm and a torque of 300 lb-ft at 1200 rpm.

Package Offerings

BMW understands each buyer’s needs are unique; this is why it provides a wide array of packages for you to customize your X5 to your liking. To illustrate, the M Sport package elevates the SUV in that you receive style enhancements such as 19-inch or 20-inch Double Spoke wheels, premium seating trim options, and the M steering wheel.

Meanwhile, with the Premium Package, you receive a good mix of comfort and convenience choices such as the WiFi hotspot. With this, you also receive the Wireless Charging Port. To keep you and your passengers comfortable, this package adds the four-zone auto-climate control.

You can also choose between seating textures and audio systems. On the seating end, there’s the Ivory White Interior Design Package and the Mocha Interior Design Package. You can also fill the X5’s cabin with rich sound by adding the Bang & Olufsen audio system. With this, you receive 16 speakers, generating up to 1,200 watts of sound to transform drives from the routine to the mesmerizing.

How the X5 Compares to Luxury SUVs

While the list of what the 2017 BMW X5 possesses is impressive, comparing its offerings to others in its segment is a good measure of the value you receive. Using data from AxleGeeks, we compared the X5 to other 2017 midsize luxury SUVs to see how it holds up:

  • Price: The 2017 BMW X5 begins at $55,500. This is average for what you will find in its segment.
  • Fuel economy: The X5 achieves a combined efficiency of 21 mpg, which is slightly better than average. With that said, the X5 possesses superior fuel range compared to what its immediate peers average with a city range of 403 miles and a highway range of 560 miles, resulting in as much as 53 miles further per tank.
  • Power capabilities: The X5 isn’t the most aggressive offering in its class, as its 300-horsepower output, falls below the 303-horsepower average. Still, when you consider the X5 is competing against brands like Porsche, its output isn’t bad. In most instances, it’s more than enough to handle your demands while supplying exceptional boosts when you need or want it the most.

Our Take

The 2017 BMW X5 is one of the most stylish SUVs available. Both inside and out, many will marvel at the superior craftsmanship this model possesses.

Overall, the X5 isn’t the best performing model in its class, but with its looks and technological features, it doesn’t have to be either. It has enough going for it to make it among the most appealing luxury SUVs to buy.


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