Tips to Prevent Thieves From Breaking Into Your SUV

Published April 8, 2017 by Sean Jackson

As temperatures begin to climb in some areas, it promotes more activity. Along with increased driving, there’s more foot traffic as people go for walks to take advantage of the warmer weather. Burglars also take advantage of the weather, studying behavior patterns and quick scores such as breaking into an SUV. And here’s something to consider: if you leave valuables in your SUV which are easily accessible, do you do the same in your home? Burglars use this information and ask these questions when targeting prospective victims. Therefore, it’s important to protect your vehicle against intrusion and possible theft and yourself in the process. Here are some ways to do it.

Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight

When thieves scan SUVs, they are looking for valuable items they can grab and move on quickly. With this in mind, be sure you take all your valuables out of your vehicle when you leave it. This includes your smartphone, shopping bags, jewelry, designer sunglasses and anything else thieves would like. If you are doing multiple shopping trips in a given day, tuck the bags under a seat. If there are too bulky for that, drape a blanket or jacket over them so thieves can’t see them. For smaller items like your sunglasses, watch, etc, you can tuck them into the glovebox. Keep in mind thieves have only a matter of seconds so that won’t deter them from smashing your SUV’s window and grabbing what they want if valuables are visible. Therefore, by hiding and removing valuables from your vehicle, you makes your SUV less attractive to thieves.

Install an Alarm System

If your SUV doesn’t come with an alarm system, it might be worth the expense to have one installed. When burglars approach your SUV and see it has an alarm system, it becomes less of an attractant for them since any tampering on their part can trigger an audible alarm, which generates attention they don’t want. There are some excellent systems on the market today. Here is a look at a few of them:


Viper offers some of the most innovative systems available. You can build you system by visiting its website. After selecting your make and model, you can choose between one and two-way communication channels for your alarm system. Additionally, you can add capabilities such as:
  • An alert that detects when a window is smashed
  • Some thieves are adept at disabling alarms by disconnecting the battery, the Viper system still sounds an alarm even after the battery has been disconnected
  • It gives you an invisible sensing field around your SUV
  • You can control the system through the use of your smartphone
  • Have the system make statements to the effect of, “Step Back!”
As you can see, with Viper, you can create a comprehensive security system that protects your SUV from thieves.


Python is another security company with a plethora of choices. Similar to Viper, you can choose between a one-way or two-way security system. The basic systems include features such as smartphone compatibility. This allows you to control and access some of the features of the system remotely such as sounding the panic alarm, unlocking and locking the vehicle, and even popping open the trunk. The panic feature is helpful if you are in a parking lot and detect suspicious behavior around your vehicle or you feel threatened at any time.

Park Your SUV in a Safe Place

When you can help it, find a safe, visible place to park your SUV. Isolated vehicles left in dark places are perfect targets for thieves. Moreover, if you park in an isolated place when it’s dark out, thieves might target more than your SUV. Therefore, if you are parking at night or plan to leave your vehicle in one spot when it becomes dark, look for well-lit areas. Also, attempt to blend your vehicle in with others. Another factor to examine further is to study your surroundings before parking. If you notice people hanging out in an area that doesn’t warrant loitering, it signifies the area is unsafe. Instead, trust your gut and find an area where you feel safe parking and leaving your vehicle.

Don’t Leave Your Windows Open

On nice days you want to keep your SUV well-ventilated while you are out. So, you decide to crack the window. The only problem is thieves view this as an unlocked vehicle. They have many tricks they can employ to wiggle their arms in to unlock the SUV. With this in mind, refrain from keeping your windows cracked even if you plan to leave your vehicle alone for a few minutes.

Put Yourself in a Thief’s Mindset

The best way to avoid having your SUV broken into is to think like a thief when devising safe parking behaviors. Common patterns among car thieves include:
  • Breaking in and stealing vehicles under the cover of darkness
  • Avoiding areas with security cameras or vigilant neighbors
  • Vehicles that have kill switches, according to ABC News
  • SUVs with security systems
With these things in mind, come up with a checklist of actions to do before leaving your SUV. This includes storing away valuables, conducting a quick scan of the area where you parked and ensuring you leave your vehicle locked and the windows closed.

Our Take

Thieves are looking for a quick score. Don’t give them an opportunity to make your SUV one of their prizes. Instead, you can implement these tips to make your vehicle less attractive to the prying eyes of burglars. This lessens the opportunity of having your SUV broken into. Additionally, by installing a security system, you could experience cost savings. While the initial cost and installation can be expensive, you can also receive discounts from your insurance company for having this equipment in your SUV.

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