Nissan Reveals the Rogue Dogue

Published May 8, 2017 by Sean Jackson

One of the biggest challenges of taking your four-legged friends on your trips is ensuring they are protected and the interior of your SUV doesn’t become destroyed during transit. Nissan took these factors into account when it created the Rogue Dogue--a specialty SUV designed exclusively for dog owners. This isn’t Nissan’s first attempt at a specialty concept SUV. Earlier it unveiled another concept exclusively for pets called the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs-a model unavailable in the United States but draws parallels to the Nissan Rogue. In both instances, it’s clear Nissan understands how important pets are to their owners, and are designing their vehicles to accommodate pets. “Ensuring their pet’s needs are catered for is often just as important as making sure children are comfortable and happy,” remarked Ryan Gains. Gains is the chief marketing manager for the X-Trail concept model. The offerings of the Nissan Rogue Dogue echo Gains’ sentiment.

The Nissan Rogue Dogue Features

If you have a dog, a big concern is damaging your SUV’s carpet when you take your pooch on drives. Instead of having carpet that can stain and become damaged easily, Nissan replaced it in the Rogue Dogue with padded flooring and walls. Not only is this more comfortable in the unfortunate event your dog takes a tumble when attempting to enter or leave the SUV, it is also easier for pet owners to clean. Speaking on the accessibility end, gone are the days where you had to coax your dog to make the Lambeau Leap into your SUV or you hoisting your pooch to place them in the vehicle. Nissan simplified access with a slide out ramp. Now your pet can walk down the ramp easily--this is a must have if you have an older dog who struggles with joint stiffness or pain. To keep your dog hydrated and fed, Nissan supplied its Rogue Dogue with spill-proof dishes. This keeps areas where your dog eats and drinks clean. It’s important to note that it's best you don't attempt to feed your dog when your SUV is in motion. Instead, wait until you stop for a break or after a walk, at that point you can feed them a small amount of food and give them access to water. Another way Nissan eases your concerns is with the clip on safety harness. This keeps your dog secured during trips. Moreover, if the unfortunate happens and your SUV becomes involved in an accident, the harness works to secure your dog to keep them safe. If you stop for a rest, your dog can join in on the fun too. Nissan equipped the Rogue Dogue with a pet hammock. To use it, simply attach the clips found on the front and rear headrests to set it up. Another way to keep your SUV’s interior clean is to use the shower after your dog went parading through the dirt or mud. The shower comes with a 10-gallon water tank and a frame, giving you a rounded area to clean your pet. To dry them, the blower warms the rear area of the shower. To keep all your pet’s toys and treats stored securely, the Rogue Doge comes with a storage drawer specifically for your pet. There’s also a first-aid kit for your dog and a side-mounted dispenser you can use for poopie waste bags. Overall, Nissan thought of most contingencies when designing its Rogue Dogue. The idea behind the SUV might catch on too, as there’s a huge demand for specialty vehicles for pets. Nissan conducted a survey of over 400 dog owners to gauge their valuable feedback while designing the Rogue Dogue. Nissan’s findings showed that three-quarters of those surveyed stated a vehicle with pet-friendly features would be a deciding factor on whether they bought the model. This presents a great opportunity for Nissan to offer pet-friendly accessories and trims like the Rogue Dogue as a way to entice more people to buy from them.

Keeping Your Dogs Safe on Your Trips

Even if you are not in the market for a new SUV, but you enjoy taking your pet on trips with you, there are many ways you can make them enjoyable and safe for them. Best of all, you can do these things and preserve the interior condition of your SUV. Here’s how:

Choose the Right Safety Restraint

First, it’s important to secure your dog during trips. This prevents them from tumbling around--which could cause injuries--and it can help keep them safe if a crash happens. There are many restraints available. One of the most effective is the Ruff Rider Canine Vehicle Restraint. This restraint is extremely versatile in that it accommodates dogs from 6 to 150 pounds. When ordering this equipment, you’ll want to measure your dog’s neck and chest to ensure you order the right size. When you receive it, test it out by placing your dog into the SUV and securing it with the restraint. It’s important to see how tight it is around your dog’s chest and neck. If the fit feels firm but you can still slide your fingers into the harness then you know you have the right fit.

Protect Your Seats

Your SUV’s seats can take a beating when transporting your dog. Claw marks can scratch the surface, and the unrelenting pet hair that finds its way into every seating crevice makes vacuuming out your SUV akin to doing a CrossFit workout. To protect this area, you can find durable seating covers at many local pet stores like Petsmart or online. You should also trade out your floor mats with heavy-duty all-weather ones.

Keep a Pet First-Aid Kit Handy

No matter if you are traveling down the road to the pet park or going cross-country, it’s imperative to have a pet first-aid kit on hand. You can find comprehensive ones like the Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit on for under $30. Along with a first-aid kit, you want to pack bowls, food, fresh water, any medications the dogs is taking and toys--the latter two are for applicably longer trips.

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