2017 Nissan Juke

There’s nothing conventional about the 2017 Nissan Juke. It features a predatory design, captivating performance and innovative additions to appeal to the modern buyer. Of course, how the Juke compares to its growing segment will determine whether this model is all flash and no substance or the other way around.

With this in mind, let’s look deeper at what the Nissan Juke offers you.


One glance at the Juke and you’ll realize this isn’t your average SUV. In fact, it resembles more of a sports car on steroids. Aiding its fierce stance is its sculpted hood, curvy body lines, and lower stance, making this SUV visually one of the most attractive models available.

Inside, it’s more of the same, as if that is a problem. What you will notice throughout the Juke’s interior design elements is a sporty theme. This includes the motorcycle-inspired center console, where you will discover sporty garages for the speedometer and tachometer. To keep the look uniform, Nissan used Italian sports bikes as its inspiration for designing the center console. Completing the look is the sport bucket seats that conform to your body so you can enjoy the Juke’s responsive handling in comfort.

Interior Functionality

A big part of style is functionality, as you want an SUV that delivers the space and versatility you need. While the Nissan Juke possesses rear foldable seating, it still lacks a roomy interior compared to other models in its class.

To illustrate, the Juke has a cargo capacity of 35.9 cubic feet. It also possesses 10.5 cubic feet of trunk space, illustrating its deficiencies when compared to its immediate peers like the Subaru Impreza 2.0i PZEV that has 22.50 cubic feet of trunk space. However, Nissan did make adjustments to account for its lack of trunk space by supplying a storage compartment underneath the cargo floor—this applies to four-wheel drive models only.

Overall, Nissan offers a sporty interior but comes up short on space. Here is a closer look at its interior capabilities:

  • Total interior volume: 86.7 cubic feet
  • Cargo volume with rear seats up: 10.5 cubic feet
  • Cargo volume with rear seats down: 35.9 cubic feet
  • Front row headroom: 39.6 inches
  • Front row legroom: 42.1 inches
  • Second-row headroom: 36.7 inches
  • Second-row legroom: 32.1 inches


The Nissan Juke mirrors power in its design. To compliment this, Nissan equipped the Juke with its 1.6L direct injection gasoline turbo engine. This engine achieves the perfect balance of exhilarating power, with a horsepower output of 188 and it earns up to 32 highway mpg.

To help you receive superior control, Nissan made its torque vectoring all-wheel-drive system available in the Juke. This stabilization system senses traction and will shift power between the front and rear wheel wheels to give your SUV the agile handling you need whether cornering or navigating a roundabout.

The Juke is also adaptable. With its Integrated Control System (I-CON) you have access to a unique driver interface. The interface allows you to control specific aspects of your drives including driving modes. There are four driving modes for the Juke, which include Normal, Sport, Eco or D-Mode. These modes give you the versatility to align your drive based on road conditions and preference.

Nissan Juke Nismo

If you want the best in awe-inspiring performance and sporty handling, the Nissan Juke Nismo will be your huckleberry. This machine elevates your drives both in style and performance.

First, let’s talk about style. While the regular Juke is a sight to behold, the Nismo combines the sportiness of the standard Juke with touches of luxury. The high-performance seats, leather shift knob with contrasting stitching and the black Alcantara leather steering wheel give this SUV a high-performance vibe.

Complimenting its look is its performance. Nissan fine-tuned its 1.6L engine to deliver 188 horsepower at 5,600 rpm. This means once you press your foot on the gas pedal, you will marvel at the SUV’s brisk acceleration. In addition, Nissan lowered the Nismo’s suspension and bolstered its aerodynamic stance to give the SUV the look and feel of driving a high-performance car.

Then there is the Nissan Juke Nismo RS, the penultimate machine for your drives. This SUV features many of the benefits of the Nismo with added features such as improved braking. Nissan accomplished this by putting larger brake rotors on the front and vented rotors all over to keep brakes cool when you have to apply them.

There are also stylistic features that will make your pulse race. The Recaro seats with four-point harness system convey a sporty appearance. Furthermore, Nissan equipped the Nismo RS with a specially tuned exhaust system, providing the right mix of growl and racing-inspired style.


Nissan designed the Juke to make your drives fun and innovative. The available Nissan Connect system provides you with a plethora of mobile apps such as Pandora Radio. You can also access directions through navigation, have your text messages read aloud and more, all through the hands-free feature.

One of the hardest aspects of driving an SUV is the limited range of vision, particularly when you want to back out of a parking spot. To account for this, Nissan supplied the Juke with its available Around View Monitor. Not only does the monitor provide you with a fuller range of vision of your surroundings, it can detect incoming objects. If it detects a vehicle is coming close as you back out of a spot it will alert you audibly and visually. This feature can ease the stress of parking in busy urban environments.


The Juke’s safety equipment embodies Nissan’s Safety Shield philosophy. Included in this SUV is excellent safety features such as:

  • Electronic brake force distribution
  • Front-seat active head restraints
  • Nissan’s advanced airbag system
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Vehicle dynamic control and traction control system
  • Supplemental airbags

Our Take

The Juke drives and looks like a larger sports car. Deficiencies in interior space aside, the Juke will elevate your drives in style.


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